In the heavens

Ink blots
A pen
Some words
My life, they are
Writer I am
I write the world
For this world is a poem
Of nature, you see
Men are transient
Something has to be.
I have been writing
For years and years
Of people and lives
Of smiles and tears;
They tell me to write
Whispering around
A poet in the heavens
Listening to earthly sounds;
They tell me this
And they tell me that
But it’s the actions that matter
I tell you the fact;
For there are people
Some nice some evil
But none wish for bad
Be sure they never will;
But do you ever see
What’s the world all about?
It’s a vicious cycle
What goes, comes around;
I tell you O human
I am the poet
The poet of your life
A pawn, a puppet
Of your action, your choice;
Good is for the good
Bad for the rest
You may not know it now
But there is a poet over your head.

Anwesha Tripathy


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